Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sock Post #9

Wow! It's been a while!

So a few Wednesdays back I was wearing this awesome pair of yellow socks, but I got distracted by a rather life changing situation and wasn't able to post that day. A few weeks later, after having to move to a new room, things are finally starting to settle down. But I have a new problem. I can't find that pair of yellow socks!

I have every other pair. The rest were packed in bags labeled "not worn yet" and "to donate." But the pair I had worn on that Wednesday was in the laundry and didn't make it into a bag. I tore my room up yesterday looking for them. No luck.

BUT. I do have evidence that these socks exist. There's actually a video of me wearing these socks back in the eleventh grade in a production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Those of you who know the show know the socks I'm talking about! When Jason Hill, my high school drama teacher, found out I was doing this project, he found them and mailed them to me ASAP.

So today, I'm posting an old video. I will continue my search for the socks (which are probably hiding in plain sight) and will post a photo of them when I do. Meanwhile, Just a Pair of Socks is back in full force! But not for long unless I get more socks. So share with your friends and beg them, plead them, sell them your kidney, to get them to send me socks.

I got a little distracted back there. But the path to Gaga has never been clearer.

Peace and love! Enjoy the video!!

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