Friday, December 30, 2011

Getting Ready for the New Year

Wow! It's been an eventful first full day on the blogosphere!

I started this morning by making the intro video which can be found here: Thanks to everyone who shared the video on Facebook, sent it to Lady Gaga, and shared it with your friends. The view count is ticking up and the only way this project will ever get noticed is if tons of people stay involved!

So keep it up!

Here are the current stats:
blogger: 183 page views/6 followers
youtube: 71 views
facebook: 23 likes
twitter: 1 follower

I've had tons of people commit already to sending me socks, and was even greeted as "Sock Man" when I walked into Publix today (love you, Mrs. Maxwell)! I'll officially start the posts about the socks on January 1st. The first three posts will be the socks that started it all. Hopefully by the 3rd, I'll have received new socks to blog about!

Send in your socks and keep boosting up the numbers! Thanks everyone!

Peace and love! <3

YouTube!! :D

 YouTube Channel is LIVE! Check it out!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Beginning

Here they are! These are the socks that spurred on the idea. Aren't they cute?

The Mission!

We're coming up on 2012 and I've been struggling and struggling to come up with a solid New Years Resolution. I've wanted to resolve to do something creative and exciting and tossed around tons of ideas. It hit me today.

A few days ago, I reached into my stocking and found three pairs of socks. They were fantastic. I'd never really owned a pair of unique socks before, and now that I had three, I knew that I wanted more! So, in the year 2012 I resolve to develop a collection of unique, fun, exciting socks. Wanna help?

I want to make this something that everyone can be a part of. If you send me socks, I promise to wear them and take a picture. It doesn't matter how crazy they are or how embarrassing it may be to wear them - they'll be seen in public! Help me make my New Years Resolution a New Years Reality! Send a pair of socks to:

Jeremy Douylliez
PO Box 1142
Demorest, GA 30535