Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sock Post #1

So it's a small start. These socks are my favorites of the Christmas stocking pairs. They're navy blue with green diamonds and skull and crossbones. I wore them tonight at our New Years get together hosted at the house.

It's the first pair of hopefully many many socks! Many will be far more interesting than these, some may be less, but they all will be unique and interesting in their own way. Each will have its own story. I have two more socks to go before I need to have new socks in my hands! So send in your socks quick!

So, I promised on Facebook I'd reveal an important announcement tonight. Many of you have expressed to me that I should involve some sort of charity action with the blog. So here's the deal! All of the socks I receive will be donated to the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Pediatric Hospital. So now your socks won't only be featured on a blog, they'll add some color to the day of a sick child.

Just in case you forgot - send the socks to:

Jeremy Douylliez
PO Box 1142
Demorest, GA 30535

Peace and love!

PS: Ignore my pasty white legs! Maybe I should have gotten a tan before starting the blog!

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  1. Hit up the spray tan booth! :) J/K! When do you head back to school?